hello reader,

This is a very new path for me, some people who know me well may wonder what might have gotten into me to start a blog. My answer to that is, why have so much thoughts pent up begging to be free and still hold back? I have a lot of thoughts concerning my career path and i want to share them with you. I just finished my undergraduate studies a couple of months ago, so technically im a psychologist now getting ready for a great future ahead.

In my 4 years of undergraduate studies in psychology i realised my passion for psychology was more inclined to its application to the world of Marketing, Advertising and Branding, so i started reading up books on marketing, advertising and branding to have a better idea as to what was going on in my mind.

I grew so much in love with this idea, that in my final year i was bent on writing a thesis in that regard and i did.*big smile*.for better emphasis, my thesis topic was psychosocial factors as predictors of car brand preference and purchase decision.

People more often than not have this stereotypical idea that if you are a psychologist then you are automatically supposed to know whats going on in their minds, some would even ask;” so youre a psychologist now, tell me what im thinking. you people can read minds now”. let it be known to you now. We dont read minds, we may observe you and make accurate inferences but we dont read your mind!!!

My thoughts on applying psychological principles to marketing, advertising and branding is explicate in the sentences “what motivates an individual to buy a certain product, what are those important cues in adverts and brandworks that attracts an individual to buy a certain product” the knowledge of this begins from the knowledge of your consumer(i.e. knowing your consumer) by a psychologist who has been trained and is skilled in the knowledge of how people behave, think, feel, reason and also how they are influenced by their environment in relation to their purchase of goods and services.

My ideas may not be perfect but your opinions would always count and ideas duly noted. These are thoughts from ME to YOU.

Have a wonderful day.



About psychdeas

I'm a Psychologist and a Brand Experience Specialist who is keen about consumer behaviours and how they affect Brand and Marketing. I possess a strong desire to apply my knowledge in psychology to solving problems and exceeding customers expectations in brand management and Advertising. I am a fast learner, open to learning new skills and technologies. I currently author, a blog which curates the intercession between Consumer psychology , Ideation and Branding. Call me a Brand Psychic. I know what your consumers want.

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