COLOURS that pop


ImageHello Reader,

Colours are very meaningful tools for sighted people. they can be used to send positive or negative messages, encourage sales and attract people to adverts. Most importantly, colours that pop make a statement

Think about it, if you want to draw attention, you may choose the colour red. if you are trying to portray cleaningness, you choose white. if you are being environmental friendly, you go with green. yellow is the ultimate colour to depict optimism and cheerfulness.

In marketing products to prospective buyers, colourful ads go a long way in establishing an initial attraction. This depends on the kind of product you are selling and the brand image of the product being potrayed

Colours have and will continually have an effect on the minds of people. This is because it is inherent in an individuals nature to be attracted to beautiful things.

I think the use of colours cannot be overemphasised. Colours that pop make a statement and that statement is what a good advert needs to attract people to buy a product.


ImageDo you understand what I mean? ATTRACTIVE!! We all love coke, so how about another product

ImageThis is attractive, makes you want to know the product that is being sold. Does’nt it?

The psychology of colur is the study of colour as a determinant of human behaviour. Therefore one can say with the use of the right colours, peoples behaviours can be influenced towards the purchase of their products as the case may be

My ideas may not be perfect but your opinions would always count and ideas duly noted. These are thoughts from ME to YOU.

Have a wonderful day.



About psychdeas

I'm a Psychologist and a Brand Experience Specialist who is keen about consumer behaviours and how they affect Brand and Marketing. I possess a strong desire to apply my knowledge in psychology to solving problems and exceeding customers expectations in brand management and Advertising. I am a fast learner, open to learning new skills and technologies. I currently author, a blog which curates the intercession between Consumer psychology , Ideation and Branding. Call me a Brand Psychic. I know what your consumers want.

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  1. This is going to be a very interesting and educative blog. I’m impressed by ur submission and the depth of information proviided. I am particularly excited @ the inauguration date,if I’m right being my birthday. I wish to propagate this,so that young and old may draw from this well. How may I do that?
    Thank u

  2. Hey baby…guess u already knw its mi, sori I cudnt read ur last 2 blogs& also hvnt left any comments….luv ur blog, its very educative and brings up a clear mind 2 betta idea setup……….nice 1 ko!…(Sayin luv u is 2 mushy)

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