YOU are what you BUY


Hello Reader,

The idea of your self concept being a huge part of your purchase decision is absolutely true without a doubt. Self concept is basically how we see ourselves and how we think other people see us, and as individuals we often try to create a picture of ourselves that is acceptable to our reference groups and makes us feel better about ourselves.

The psychology of buying is simple. When it comes to buying of cars, take for instance you choose to buy a Mercedes Benz car. You may convince yourself that the purchase is just because you love the car or because it has great engine power but in the reality of things it is because of how you believe you would feel when you actually own the car; the sense of power, pride, luxury and envy from others. Another instance may be when you want to buy a clothing item or clothing accessory, you buy them because you believe they make you look attractive, beautiful, expensive, classy,  fashionable,etc  as the case may be.

These instances may not neccesarily apply to you in its actual sense, but the general idea behind it is that when you make a purchase you more often than not attribute it to yourself and how it makes you feel and this action is done consciously or unconsciousy.

In my opinion she considers buying this dress because she believes she looks beautiful in it.

It is important that marketers create some form of desire that their potential customers can relate to. Create an avenue that makes your customers feel their purchase is worth it and at the same time makes them feel good about themselves, because no one really wants to make a purchase that makes them feel inferior or not good enough. People want products that make them feel great about themselves so its worth the cost of the purchase.

My ideas may not be perfect but your opinions would always count and ideas duly noted. These are thoughts from ME to YOU.

Have a wonderful day.



About psychdeas

I'm a Psychologist and a Brand Experience Specialist who is keen about consumer behaviours and how they affect Brand and Marketing. I possess a strong desire to apply my knowledge in psychology to solving problems and exceeding customers expectations in brand management and Advertising. I am a fast learner, open to learning new skills and technologies. I currently author, a blog which curates the intercession between Consumer psychology , Ideation and Branding. Call me a Brand Psychic. I know what your consumers want.

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  1. I kind of agree with you. I have had some exerience in the line of buying car. I’m searching for a medium sized preety car. I have ccome to reaLize that its the brand and costs that are limiting the purchase. Once I overcome the brand challenge it looks like the cost don’t matter much again…. I have sen some other brands I keep identifying fault…(or is it finding faults) . So I’ve made up my mind to buy the brand of my choice…..
    I am wondering if I we can read other peoples opinion on issues raised.

    • it is wonderful you have an experience yourself.. in my own opinion i would say that you couldnt relate to the previously chosen brand and now that youve made a new choice you feel more at peace because your self concept and personality can relate to it.

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