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Patti Wilson said “ FOLLOWING THE HERD IS A SURE WAY TO MEDIOCRITY “. Being a mediocre means being someone who lacks exceptional abilities or exceptional quality. Everyone strives to be the best and being a mediocre is definetely a wrong path way to that achievement.

It is important to bear in mind that to stay the best you must first be the best, and to be the best you should dare to be different. Being different is synonymous with being unique, you are a special kind, none is like you, etc.


This concept of being different or unique towards being the best amongst the rest should be applied to the marketing and branding of products and most definetely in their advertisments too. In buisness, I believe there should always be risk taking. For example, a new watch model shouldnt just be a regular watch that just tells the time, *to the watch manufacturers* go above and beyond, make watch models that no one has seen before but also that satisfies the needs of your consumers, that makes thing easier, explore technology. *to the marketers* develop new ideas that shifts from the norm and dazzle the world with fresh unique ideas.

I believe that being different or unique is the way forward in this fast growing technological world. There are better oppurtunities and the means also to make a difference, you dont want to be playing safe and resting on your oars when your competitors are taking advantage of great oppurtunities and putting it to their best use.

Human beings get bored with regular, give them variety, and not just in your marketing campaigns but also in the products themselves. Thats a start towards greatness, so make it happen. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT


My ideas may not be perfect but your opinions would always count and ideas duly noted. These are thoughts from ME to YOU.

Have a wonderful day.



About psychdeas

I'm a Psychologist and a Brand Experience Specialist who is keen about consumer behaviours and how they affect Brand and Marketing. I possess a strong desire to apply my knowledge in psychology to solving problems and exceeding customers expectations in brand management and Advertising. I am a fast learner, open to learning new skills and technologies. I currently author www.psychdeas.wordpress.com, a blog which curates the intercession between Consumer psychology , Ideation and Branding. Call me a Brand Psychic. I know what your consumers want.

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  1. Is there a difference between being different and being unique. How does an individual recognise this ?
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    • In my own opinion there is a thin line between being different and being unique.. I believe they are synonymous and they mean close to the same thing. You recognize ure being different or unique when your approach to thing are characterized by your ability to think outside the box and do things in a different way but stil make it work..
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