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According to, anticipation is the act of anticipating, the expectation or hope, the intuition, foreknowledge or prescience about something. In psychology, anticpation is an act of being enthusiastic, it is an emotion involving pleasure and sometimes anxiety in considering some longed – for – good event or an irritation at having to wait.

In the midst of my write up, I would be sharing with you few products that seem to be very much anticipated by a substantial amount of people in my own opinion.

Image(the next generation ipad 2048 by 1536 pixel display offering four times the resolution of Ipad 2’s 1024 by 768 pixel screen)

Anticipation is a very powerful tool in marketing and the act of building up anticipation in your prospective cusomers should be adopted into the marketing process of any successful buisness. In establishing and building anticipaion, advertisments are used to portray the products that are yet to be out in sales to give the prospective cusomers awareness about the product.

Image(smart tv by apple, that can share user contents amongst multiple devices including tvs, tablets smartphones and game console)

In my opinion, anticpation would lead to more sales than otherwise. This is because when people become anticpated about a product, they are anxious and excited about it, they tell friends about it, talk about it all the time and make plans of getting it. This leads to more people knowing about the product and anxious about the product they believe is a must have, and consquently more people who are willing to buy especially if its affordable

The same way anticipation can lead to enormous sales, similarly it can be damaging to a brand name in siuations where the product that has been waited for doesnt meet up to the expectations of the customers. This may diminish their trust for that brand and is products.

Therefore, in building anticipation one must meet up to time (If the product launches later that it was promised, the anticipation may turn to frustration and you wont get the benefits you wanted from the build up). Also as it has always been said quality is better that quantity, give a good quality product to satisfy your customer long awaited desire and you would not have just good sales but also a good brand name known for good quality products.

ImageThe SLS AMG GT takes to already insane SLS AMG to another level. Angrier electronics, 28 extra hp and a trick suspension transform the GT into a faster and hungrier track-oriented machine.(retrieved from

My ideas may not be perfect but your opinions would always count and ideas duly noted. These are thoughts from ME to YOU.

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I'm a Psychologist and a Brand Experience Specialist who is keen about consumer behaviours and how they affect Brand and Marketing. I possess a strong desire to apply my knowledge in psychology to solving problems and exceeding customers expectations in brand management and Advertising. I am a fast learner, open to learning new skills and technologies. I currently author, a blog which curates the intercession between Consumer psychology , Ideation and Branding. Call me a Brand Psychic. I know what your consumers want.

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