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sEx AppEAL


Sex appeal can be defined as the immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm.It is without a doubt that sex appeal has been known to influence purchase decision depending on how it affect the potential consumer. Although, sex appeal in advertisement is an highly effective marketing strategy, if overdone it may also be seen by some consumers as negative and this may affect customer demands in the product been advertised nevertheless, sex appeal when done right, influences a wide range of consumers from young to old. the young want to feel that sense of belonging hence the purchase the product while the old want to feel young once again so they purchase the product. According to  Chintan Bhardwada in his article on sexual appeal as a promotional strategy ” There is one element that arouses the immediate interest of both men and women. Sex, perhaps not surprisingly, has the greatest universal acceptance of all stratagems ever used in advertising. Probably even more important are the hidden, unconscious feelings that sex arouses in people. Sex can make the beholder feel young again. Sex may also reassure men of their masculinity and women of their femininity. This reassurance may be an important consideration in today’s confused relationship between men and women. Additionally, sex is one of the most basic of all human emotions. Lastly, sex is a status symbol. One of the simplest ways for an advertiser to give his models an air of importance is to bestow then with sex appeal. Marketers should understand as I emphasize that it is the right amount of sex appeal in an advert that positively affects a wider range of potential consumers rather than the highly erotic or overtly sexual adverts which may also influence some peoples purchase decision, but at the end the less sexual adverts portraying sexual appeal attracts more people and the overly sexual advert attracts less people. In light of this, it is pertinent to say that moderately done sex appeal in an advertisement is an effective advertising tool useful in marketing campaigns.

Find below a couple of ads that  sex appeal was used moderately and to the companies advantage




Gucci Guilty AD




Intimately Beckham AD



Burger King AD

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